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10 January 2009 @ 11:52 pm
Children ~*Ernst/Hänschen*~  
Title: Children
Author: Candra/Candygluepress
Pairing: Ernst/Hänschen 
Rating: PG
Word Count: 159?
Prompt: #12 Children
Disclaimer:  Don't own Spring Awakeing.
A/N:  Here is a drabble for you!
 Sorry it's so short!




They were children.

The small, innocent kind that likes to play games until the sun sets and their mothers call them for dinner.

The kind that get dirt in their fingers from digging for treasure, and hair ruffled from sword fights.


They would run around the grape vines, and climb the largest tree located on a hill overlooking the church graveyard.

Not even bothering to think about friends that would end up buried there.


Yes, they were children.




They were no longer children.

There were other reasons why they were out until sunset.

The dirt in their fingers was from them curling in the grass, and hair ruffed because of wandering hands.


No running in the grape vines, or climbing trees.

But thinking of friends who have passed, until strong hands grab thinner ones. And until mouths are drawn to each other and hands roam.

And then, Ernst and Hänschen have forgotten.


Yes, they are no longer children.




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